Nic’s Three Week Trip across Rajasthan with Orchha Khajuraho & Varanasi

Nick and Janet only had three weeks to experience the culture and history of the country. In three weeks, they travelled from Delhi to Pushkar, Jodhpur, Udaipur, Jaipur, Agra, Orcha, Khajuraho, Allahabad, and finished in Varanasi.

Nic & Janet Journey Through Rajasthan

My wife and I decided to travel to India after our Daughter and her partner had visited India the year prior. They said simply “you have to see this most amazing country”. They had travelled using a combination of train, overnight sleeper buses and had almost by accident used a driver for a week or so as well as a couple of internal flights.

My wife and I have always preferred to drive ourselves around which we had done through Europe and the United States and at home in Australia. We have found it to be the best way to see a new land and get a greater sense of  how a country functions and a better way to meet people. We also prefer the flexibility that it permits rather than being herded around as part of a tour group, bound by unbreakable schedules.

We did, after a bit of research come to the conclusion that self driving in India was something that most people didn’t recommend, due to the volume of traffic but also the driving styles in India ,which are a “little less” than by the book.

So we read many reviews of driving tour companies big and small. And sometimes you just get lucky! We found India Driver Tours. They were reviewed time and again on Trip Advisor as well as other travel review sites .And the reviews were all very positive about the service they had received.

So I made initial contact with Mr. Amit Singh describing what we were hoping to do. From the outset Amit was able to provide everything we wanted, meeting our itinerary wishes, type of accommodation and advising us on realistic day to day travel times between destinations. His responses were always positive and prompt and we were able to establish all details and then book within a few weeks of our initial contact. And the value for what we paid for the trip was exceptional , to the extent that I needed to check twice to make sure we had made the right currency conversion.

Transport & Stay

Nic wanted to travel across Rajasthan. But, if hiring a car between two locations was more convenient or would allow them to see more, he chose that option.


While on this trip, Nic and Janet rented cars so that she could make some interesting stops along the way.

When we first arrived in New Delhi, Amit was there to meet us, exactly as he said he would be and as he was every single time throughout the trip. We started with 3 days independent  in Delhi which was a great way to start our trip. Amit picked us up as arranged and we set off  and headed to Pushkar, experiencing for the first time Indian traffic, both city bound and Rural. We had made the right decision to not self drive. While it was at times a little “white knuckled” we soon adjusted and Amit’s experience as a tour driver reassured us very quickly.

Being able to see the countryside roll by with all of the sights, colours, people and animals, without having to navigate the roads was such a pleasure. The vehicle was a comfortable, good sized air conditioned wagon, with cold water provided by Amit at all times. Over the next three weeks we travelled from Delhi to Pushkar, Jodhpur, Udaipur, Jaipur, Agra, Orcha, Khajuraho, Allahabad and finishing in Varanasi.

We had days of sightseeing where we would stay in a given town for a day or two, exploring a little as well as having Amit take us to some of the more renown tourist attractions. While many of them are very well known ,to see them in person is another layer of impression.

The Blue city of Jodhpur is amazing, the Taj Mahal at sunrise and sunset is possibly the most beautiful monument in the world; it is breathtaking. Varanasi is moving in a way that even a devout cynic can feel. We moved through some rural areas that are not visited by tourists often, which gave us a sense of how so many people in India live. Diwali was looming and so many homes were painted brightly complimenting the constant bursts of colour that women in Sari displayed. The accommodations were all really comfortable and actually in a style that was a little more plush than we would normally stay in when we’ve travelled elsewhere.

Amit was an excellent travel companion, which he quickly became even though we had started as customers of his business. He shared his perspectives about India as we did about our home . He was always friendly, helpful, accommodating and always on time. His business was every thing he said it would be, but Amit’s commitment to providing and exceptional service was more than we could ever have expected. India is a country that with its vastness, its people, its dynamism and its history  has made an impression never to be forgotten.

We feel very fortunate to have found 
India Driver Tours to show us so much of India.
I doubt that there would be a better company to provide travellers with a better way of seeing India.

Amit and Nic

Thank you India Driver Tours
Thank you Amit

Nic and Janet Dayman
Adelaide, South Australia, Australia

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